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July 16, 2016
  • XxMineCraftGamerGirlxx

    This is dedicated to my sister, again. You may have been bullied, cyberbullied, or been a bully, or saw a person getting bullied. But the question is: Why do people bully? 

    A: Bullies bully because they like watching people getting hurt and heartbroken, their parents are selfish to them, or maybe they saw a person bully and they want to do it like them, or they wanna be a boss and cool. Fact: Bullying is NOT cool. They also might have experienced bullying before and they want a person getting bullied and feel the same way. Comment down below if i forgot something, and I will make more about bullying. Hope you enjoyed!


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  • XxMineCraftGamerGirlxx


    September 5, 2016 by XxMineCraftGamerGirlxx

    sorry i have not been writing since.. well,  long time. AI promise to write more, but I have got busy since school started. I will write soon.

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  • XxMineCraftGamerGirlxx

    Please Help

    August 26, 2016 by XxMineCraftGamerGirlxx

    As you may have seen, one of my favorite wikias is the Annoying Orange wikia. I do NOT like that, its annoying and I dont like it. How do I remove that from my favorite wikias?

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  • XxMineCraftGamerGirlxx

    This post is dedicated to my lovely little sister! She asked me what is cyberbullying, so I am making a post about it. :)

    Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that envolves electronics, such as a computer. Most people put it as "Anonymous", so nobody will know it was them. It happens on chatting apps, such as SocialMedia. Beware for cyberbullying. Make sure to report, block and DO NOT respond mean stuff back.


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  • XxMineCraftGamerGirlxx

    You may have been cyberbullied by a stranger, a friend, or anyone. These are some examples of cyberbullying. 

    1. YOU ARE SOOO UGLY!!!!

    2. You think ur soooo pretty or handsome but guess what??? YOU DONT!!! DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT YOU WERE BORN TO BE UGLY!!( I got this from a weird stranger......)

    3. *&nfdsj%$!! ( I think this is worst for me. (My opinion only! Not everyones opinion. Highly avoid people who say these to hate.)

    4. I hate you so much

    5. You are terrible! 6.Kill Yourself ( BOO TO THIS)

    7. You are soooo weird

    Well... Thats what I came up with sorry! I will edit this for more examples. These examples do not mean that I would say these  words EVER to anyone. Make sure to avoid and report people who cyberbully you. Make sure to report, b…

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