You may have been cyberbullied by a stranger, a friend, or anyone. These are some examples of cyberbullying. 


2. You think ur soooo pretty or handsome but guess what??? YOU DONT!!! DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT YOU WERE BORN TO BE UGLY!!( I got this from a weird stranger......)

3. *&nfdsj%$!! ( I think this is worst for me. (My opinion only! Not everyones opinion. Highly avoid people who say these to hate.)

4. I hate you so much

5. You are terrible! 6.Kill Yourself ( BOO TO THIS)

7. You are soooo weird

Well... Thats what I came up with sorry! I will edit this for more examples. These examples do not mean that I would say these  words EVER to anyone. Make sure to avoid and report people who cyberbully you. Make sure to report, block, ignore and stay safe! Make sure to avoid people who say these things. Please comment on what I need to fix, what is good and what is bad! Thank you!!