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Hi guys! It's xxminecraftgamergirlxx here (AGAIN!) and these are some imposters of me. 

1. xxminecraftgamergirlxx-well, not really a imposter. The user i wanted, but when i tried, it was taken. 

2. Youtube channel-XxMinecraftGamerGirlxX- It is NOT ME

And.... Sloths are HERE!!!! too bad im non member so i cannot get one. And... PET HUMMING BIRDS pets AND NEW PRINCESS ARMOR!!!! 

WOW i srsly need to get membership so bad!!!! And... My username is xminecraftgamergirlx in animal jam. Make sure to buddy me QUICK because i will not accept buddies later!! Buddy me QUICK!!! for a limited time to buddy me!! Well, BYE!!! -XxMinecraftGamerGirlxX~

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