This week blog post, will mostly be towards to the help that people are getting in Community Central... And I know because I've helped alot. Lots of times when I'm on chat, I see that alot of people are getting helped, and thats good!... But I think that there should be more mods to help out, even know someone I know has experienced this, and was made into a mod... But this is about other people. 

I know that you need to have a good amount of edits required to be a mod, and also a amount of time, which Includes years of being helpful, Nice and kind to other wiki members... But also lets not remind all the users who have been banned (Me mostly, but that was my old account). And also I think that we should have more help on other wikis; Including mine, I am a big fan of music, and that is good, and I really need help with that, mostly I ask this from mods, admins and staff.

And another thing I'm asking, I wanted more people to know this, I want to help... And It would be nice that you let me, and I'm saying this too the users, and also to the mods... Because my dream is to make everyone happy... So please let me help you, and lets make wiki a happier place, like it is now.... 

Thank you for reading this, and I'm expecting alot of comments... :D

Jacob (Oppie0020)


Thank you