Good news everyone :DXxOppiex200X 

I have great news, for a while now. I have been thinking - that if I should leave Wikia, mostly for College and stuff... But through much thinking, I have decided to stay for years to come. Because Wikia is my home, and the admins and users, and including staff. Are my family, all our such nice people... Always helping me out, including Gaga343, Cinderella101 and Ozuzanna. But staying on Wikia since 2009... You really need to have a break, and well in 2012. I did have a year and a half ban, but I deserved that. But I'm back to help, and well. I want users to be happy and enjoying Community Central chat, blogs and making new friends. So good luck my friends :D Enjoy you're self. And please, message me if you need anything. :) Peace