• XxSomeonesLuvxx

    Almost there

    December 29, 2015 by XxSomeonesLuvxx

    I stood there, staring at your back. I wanted to say something. To shout, to scream. To let out all I had left in me. But I couldn't. I couldn't shout. I couldn't scream. I couldn't let out a noise. I stood there, staring at you as you went away from me. 

    That day, I lost myself. Really. I had always dreamed of this day as the best day ever. I had loved you, and not cared if you were a drug addict or an alchoholic.You were a chained smoker, I couldn't care less. But that day, you ruined me. You left me at the alter, all dressed up like a bride, and you like a groom, and walked off like nothing happened. Nothing changed.

    Nothing finished.

    "Leave, now!" I hear Mom say. She knows, you know. What you did that day wasn't because you wanted to. You…

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