According to matched players compose a 4-player group or you can make up the group urself ,the competition will last 10mins,which is deathmatch mode

Jay wilson who is Long absence interviewed the IGN famous program called <The Jay Hall Show>.although the program was full of funny ,it expose the

exclusive material from time to time , the diablo 3 team announce some exclusiveinformation like the female monk modeling and so on when nterviewed the program ,but Jay represent roughly about the pvp and the key point of future patches

According to matched player group the team or you can organize it yourself

the competition which is deathmatch mode will last 10mins

it will number off DOUBLE KILL when it be killed

pushout item to improve patches ,then pvp match

Jay raise the new legend items just like the feeling as the science replacement ,but did not give the further explaination.want know more go to

The compere opened jay's computer after asked for water .the left side is jay's favourite Kate Beckinsale and the right side is Arena role interface diagram