We all want a fairy tale. 

Magic and friendly affection.

Hogwarts sometimes we dream. 

What will it come true?

Magic, mystery and an important secret.

Friendship, test, and that's the answer.

Dream of Muggle magic

Real. Where not think of themselves. 

Hogwarts, the dream of a teenager and a child.

So, that would not be hurt then,

We must give him all this,

Not sitting for screens Internet. 

I will give your child the world, 

In which no one will be left alone.

Thank you for the miracle of the woman. 

Thanks to her, became fabulously together.

In the language of cool "Kogtervan."

I read, in the soul passion. 

Crying for Harry, I love Ron. 

In that world does not let go free. 

I want to get to in this book.

And I do not give the film a great tribute.

The film is also very beautiful.

But this world, yet not much is dangerous, 

Because, candid dream.

Unfortunately, the trains do not go there. 

Thank you for the fabulous world.

For the forces of good friendship. 

Because you are united the world one.

The world that our soul opened.