• Yanyo

    Lifelong friends

    January 13, 2013 by Yanyo

                               Creppypasta Im sorry for any misspelling i don't write in english nor speak it very well.

        By this story i tell you if you have an action figure(s) always cherish it/them..

        Since i was a kid i always liked playing with action figures but not from the same franchise. I haved a character of bionicle named max, the t-rex from night of the museum obvisly named rex, and alligator made of rubber named sneaky, a geodude (i've left it with the named it had since i'd like pokemon a lot) and ive recently obtained and horse thing from avatar which i named spirit.

         My family was planning a trip but since it was long trip we needed to stay in some place for the night. While packing i looked at the action figures i alw…

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