Creppypasta Im sorry for any misspelling i don't write in english nor speak it very well.

    By this story i tell you if you have an action figure(s) always cherish it/them..

    Since i was a kid i always liked playing with action figures but not from the same franchise. I haved a character of bionicle named max, the t-rex from night of the museum obvisly named rex, and alligator made of rubber named sneaky, a geodude (i've left it with the named it had since i'd like pokemon a lot) and ive recently obtained and horse thing from avatar which i named spirit.

     My family was planning a trip but since it was long trip we needed to stay in some place for the night. While packing i looked at the action figures i always play with and decide to take the with me(despite me being 15). We found a motel which looked ok.

   When we went to check in the rooms only had one bed soo my mom and dad sleep in one room and i went to another alone.

     I hated being alone even with my action figures which i brought i was a little scared. Something din't seem right then i felt a cold breeze went up my spine at this moment im getting freak out i went to the door and when i was about to open it i saw it a big dark shadow like monster.

      After being in shock I was about to open the door when the monster hit me so hard a went flying on top of the bed. When he came close i tried hitting it but my punches just went through him then he hits me again. At this point im layed down on the bed a little dizzy and as i look up i see that thing.

     This seems like the end i said to myself as i see the monster prepare for a last attack but then i saw something grab the things arms when to my luck was sneaky. Then i saw the other gather on my sides spirit, geodude, rex, max, and sneaky their were ready to fight the battle was intense though the monster was bigger than them he was outnumbered and never lost will to fight.

     After like 20 minutes of fight the action figures were ready for the final attack. Max and geodude were going to use punch on him, rex was going to bite him, sneaky was going to hit him with his tail and spirit rapidly went to tackle him.

     The final blows hit themonster dissapearred and then still a little dizzy a got up siitting in the bed looking the table where al the action figures where looking at me. You all saved me i said. You took really good care of us all over the years never forgetting about us. "We werent going to let a monster hurt our owner like that" said max. "thank you" i said "no thank you for taking good care of us" he replied. I smiled then i starting felling dizzy and i fell over on my bed. Then when i woke up the action figures were beside me but they werent moving or talking.

    Was i dreaming or was it real i will never now... But what i do now is that at night i have nothing to worry because i know my defenders or shall i say my friends will protect me while i sleep. Max, Rex, sneaky, geodude, and spirit thank you all..