Hi guys,

I know you guys like reading my blogs ♥ so I'm writing another one. Today I'm advertising a wiki. And this wiki is relevant to you, because it can help your wiki. This may sound crazy, but let me introduce the wiki to you:

The Wiki Wiki - a wiki about wikis

Yeah, that's right. This wiki has articles about wikis. And it can help you too: you can make an article about your wiki there!


I thought it would be really cool if a bunch of people made articles about their wikis on The Wiki Wiki, not only because it helps out The Wiki Wiki, but also because

  1. You will have more visibility if your wiki appears in the WikiActivity there
  2. The article on The Wiki Wiki also links to your wiki
  3. If The Wiki Wiki has many articles about wikis, people can explore other wikis (including yours) more easily!

(These are basically the same advantages... kind of... but still! It's a very interesting advantage!!)


If you are somewhat familiar with editing, you'll only need these two:

  • Wiki infobox (for template documentation - can be ignored if you use VisualEditor)
  • Create a page (to start making an article about your wiki!)


End of my blog! Just wanted to say still that you don't have to be admin on the wiki, if you really like a wiki you can also make a page about it. Just don't be a h8r.

Please let me know what you think of this idea in the comments ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ