Hi guys, it's story time.

Back in 2011, which is the year when I joined Wikia, I was part of a different community. I was a user on IMVU (a 3D chat client: users have a 3D avatar and can hang out in 3D chat rooms) and I had found my place in the role-playing community there. We built characters and made stories together, it was all pretty cool. However, a lot of people's characters were like human or vampire or elf... People all had kingdoms and covens. I mean, it gets boring after a while, no?

So I thought I'd make my own species to roam around. I called them the "Hvetshran" — they were a tribal people who live hidden from humans and have reptilic scales, fangs and a pointy tail. They were also 6 to 7 feet tall and were one of the species that demon hunters tried to track down because they were dangerous to humans. Typically however, I lost my notes all over my room and one Word document didn't help me much since I'd have to scroll back and forth. Also, other people wouldn't know what my species was, so I searched for a place where to put info together in a nice place, and I thought, 'why not make a wiki?'

Yeah, I created my Wikia account just to make a wiki, and it's still there: Hvetshran Wiki. It's kind of a relic of my good old days I feel, but I'm quite attached to it.


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