Hi, I'm YellowLucario, often seen on many different wikis. However, I currently run Bandipedia, the wiki designed all about Crash Bandicoot and his games, comics, and development to allow people to look up facts about everyone's favorite marsupial and learn how to beat all of the levels and easter eggs, of which there are many throughout the tens of games produced over the years.

However, that is not all, as Crash is officially back! With the news being broken first by Bandipedia's Twitter account, the activity increased. However, we are looking for more community members to help out as the mass influx of information comes through regarding these revolutionary remakes. As well as this, Crash is due to appear in Skylanders which will involve many new articles and pieces of information.

So far, the wiki is effectively complete. There are many spelling errors and category fixes which needs to be done, but we have very high-quality articles for every character covering every plot point in as much detail as humanly possible. If you came to the wiki, we need articles grammar checking, categories sorted out and articles made neater looking in general in accordance with our policies. We also need input on the forums as we propose new ideas to improve the wiki even further.

It's located at and we hope that you can come down and help out very soon!