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  • YouCouldCallMeWeird

    now I just wanna give some info on Dan and Phil and then start on why I think they really could be a couple 

    Dan-also known as Danisnotonfire on youtube-there really is no meaning behind his name it was his name on myspace and just kept it thinking it was all edgy and stuff.His real name is Daniel Howell and is a british and currently lives in england with his roomate Phil.He's 25 years old and has been living with Phil for years now and he's 6'3.

    Phil-also known as AmazingPhil he just made the name by thinking it up.His real name is Phillip Lester.He lives in england with Dan.He's 30 years old and is 6'2.

    Now the list of proof begins!

    • For one-they've been room mates for a few years
    • They know about the whole 'phan' thing and have even read the …
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