What are the difference between an administrator and a bureaucrat? Well, let's first start with what abilites each group have, starting with an administrator.



  • All the privileges from the discussion and both content moderator groups
  • Able to delete files and delete images, also can delete pages
  • They have the ability to protect pages, to avoid vandalism
  • Block users who are breaking the rules of the wikia
  • Can revoke discussion and chat moderator rights
  • Edit the wikia's skin and format
  • Edit whitelisted MediaWiki pages


  • Bureaucrats can manipulate other user's rights
  • Administrators can't revoke a bureaucrat's rights nor other bureaucrats. Though a bureaucrat can revoke themselves their own. Staff also gave the ability to revoke a bureaucrat's rights.
  • Bureaucrats can also revoke a bot's statues


Bureaucrats are one level higher than administrators, but the difference is that bureaucrats have more buttons to help protect and serve the wikia. Administrators can't do what Bureaucrats CAN do, but Bureacrats CAN do what administrator's CAN do too. So basically, they aren't so different apart from Bureaucrats having to manipulate rights and other administrators can't revoke their rights.

But in other words, don't worry administrators you guys are still one of the important members of the wikia. Rollbacks, Chat Moderators, Content Moderators, Discussion Moderators don't be so down, even if administrators and bureaucrats have a higher level than you we still appreciate all the effort you've put in. In fact, all users are special at some point and we should be happy for it! :)