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Help In Creating Colors In A Table!

Let's Get Started

Category : Wiki Advice

Made by : Unicornicopia170

Now to get started I want to tell you a few things :

  1. If you are still confused please comment below
  2. I made this because I see lots of users have difficulty in creating colors in their table
  3. Please enjoy!

So if you want to create a table and want it colorful think about it this way! It's like a paper without any writings on it. So if you really want colors on your table here's an example I put up :

|- |Unicornicopia170 | style="background-color:(color of your choice);" |I just pooped my pants |

You could choose any color of your choice! Except for of course if there is a wrong spelling then it will not work MAKE SURE YOU SPELL YOUR COLOR CORRECTLY some colors might not be recognized by the table.


Want a light-green color? Or a color than is light or dark?

  • Step Nothing - Before step 1 what I mean is that if you want : LIGHT GREEN (just an example)
  • Step 1 : So if you want light-green you cannot write it this way LIGHT-GREEN or LIGHT GREEN must be written like this : lightgreen.
  • Step 2 : Some colors might not be recognized by the table.

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