Hi everyone, I'm Young Little Unicorn. Today out main focus of this blog post is about a table and how to use it! Not the table we use to dine. This table is… :

What is a Table?

First you must get to know a table before using it here's the definition of this kind of table, I'm talking about

Table (n) A table is a set of facts or figures systematically displayed, mostly in columns. Here is an example of one

What is a table used for?

It is mainly used to display facts or figures systematically mostly in columns. You could put any type of information on the table, but the thing is that it's only in columns. Like the example shown above

You see, using a table could be fun but a bit hard. It's easy if you're good at it and I'm an expert at it, so don't worry I'm gonna share my knowledge to y'all. Moving on.

Colors in a Table

Wanna decorate your table with ugly colorful colors? Well here's when you begin with the decorations!

Now I've mentioned this on my previous blog post, I'm going to do this again since this is mainly everything about the table.

Firstly you see this line in tables whenever you go to source/classic editor right?


| style="background-color:(random color);" |Snot

Those are the reason why colors are placed in the table. Firstly you type 'style="background-color:(color of your choice) and done! You've made a color on your table. Let me give you an example of my one

Young Little Unicorn He's dumb and so stupid

How To Write A Text

It's quite easy to write a text in the table. All you need to do is when you see the | you just write |he's stupid to write something in the table.

Same as the example below right here below. To you know give some examples in case you needed them

Young Little Unicorn he's stupid

The End

Thanks for wasting your precious time reading this blog post. As you can see I really worked hard for you guys to understand me and what I'm explaining so hopefully this will become community highlight but if not it's fine. I'll try better next time. Bye :)