I have something that might help the wikia. I've been thinking of a plan to make an operation called OPERATION POPCORN here is the uses :

  1. When there is good news we'd say POPCORN! (reason : anything) I thought it might surprise them in a fun way
  2. There is bad news you could say BROCCOLI! Sorry but something went wrong (blah, blah, blah)
  3. When we want to say thank you, I think we use the words Thanks (any type of food you could think of) and continue with the reason what you're thankful for

And all the other things you want to say to others, you could make your own phrase! With Operation Popcorn. And with this operation, I think it would be enjoyable even though there is bad news and will not worry the user that probably had a warning for doing something wrong as much.

But if you disagree with this idea of mine, it's okay! This is just a suggestion in the wikia.

Yours truly