Teachers. Do you know that teachers are the reason that you are successful right now, is because of teachers? Heh, I bet you don't care, because you all don't think teachers matter. Not everyone but at least most of the population. Do you know that a teacher provided you all the information you ever needed to form a future. Teachers can't sleep and that's because of YOU. Your goddamn insults to a teacher is like insulting yourself and avoiding a the future that awaits you.

Teachers care for you more than you care for yourself. They don't care about their own health or they don't care if they died from all the effort she put, she just wants you to learn. Teachers love you so much that they'd risk everything for you. After parents, they are the people who actually cared for you as a PERSON.

So get up your lazy, fat butt and actually grab that pencil and WRITE SOMETHING WITH YOUR GODDDAMN PENCIL! Teachers expect us the new generation to help improve the world. Now let's do this! Let's start obeying your teachers and give them a hug for what they've done because this is WORTH IT.