What's WAM?

WAM means Wikia Activity Monitor. The WAM calculates daily for the top 5,000 wikia sites! Including an overall rank and a vertical rank, as well as a score of 0 to 100. Remember all the ranks are not permanent, they might change depending on the activity.

What if my Wikia has a 0.00 WAM Score?

If your wikia has a score of 0.00 doesn't mean no one edits in it or it has been abandoned. It just means that your wikia just has lower activity than the other 4,999 wikis who ranked higher than you. I wouldn't call it inactivity, you know what I mean? If you don't…………

Well umm…

You see, it's umm…


that means your wikia is lucky enough to be listed in the top 5,000 blah blah blah teh end.

WAM Score

Here's the Community Central's wikia activity rank and score!

  • RANK : 69
  • WAM Score : 97.98%
  • Peak RANK : 1 (impressive!)
  • Vertical Rank : 4

Hmm… I have to say you are more active than 98.62% of other wikis. That's a high percentage and I'd like to give you an applause.

The wikia that ranked 1st is more active than 99.98% of the other wikis.