Hey everyone its your lovely Dark Gothic Daisy, and today I was just thinking about the new fnaf5 and how I am so excided for it. But, everyone might not know the entire story about fnaf and when it was originally suppose to stop and stuff. is your awnser. When the first fnaf was created everyone was putting it at "the scarryiest horror game since slenderman" even markiplier himself said it was the scarryiest game he has played in years. Anyway lets get down to the cut. So, when it first came out Scott had a plan. He said he would make a final game and that was going to be fnaf2. When it came out everyone was so excided for the new story line it was a big hit on steam emedietly. Then, a big surprise hit a year later. A fnaf3 was out. Huh. Well lots of people where excided, but some thought other wise and where kinda pissed (over a good video game) poor Scott. Anyway, fnaf3 was a good change for the fnaf world, becuz games and over sexual fan fics came out (witch I read and play!) Ehem, anyway. When fnaf3 came out haters lost there mind, they got mad becuz the game kept coming and coming. But for some it took to a change. Fan fics and fan games where all over game jolt and other indie horror websites. Then Halloween time came round. And Scott I guess had an idea, it was that to make fnaf4. Fnaf4 actaually being a terrifying game everyone who wasn't a fan and everyone who was one, everybody had non stop talk about how scarry that game was. After 4 was done of course haters came. Now fnaf5 is coming and oh god, its not even out and people are hating, hard core too. I feel bad for Scott he is a creative guy and I ADORE his work. so that's all for now. Bye<3