Hello! This blog post will be about Eurovision Song Contest Wiki, the slightly growing wiki about the Eurovision Song Contest!
250px-Eurovision Song Contest 2012

The logo of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

This wiki, about the Eurovision Song Contest needs help! We need more editors! Now most of you may not of even heard about Eurovision. Let me tell you what it is. Eurovision is a competition in Europe since 1956 and is one of the most watched shows in Europe. From 7 countries in 1956 to 42 in 2012, you can see Eurovision has grown a lot!

Now about the Wiki. Eurovision Song Contest Wiki has 4 admins/bcrats. They are Sunriseondarkenedseas (Joey), Redpuppy47, Hyperborean, and Yugimuto1 (me). The wiki was founded on June 8, 2012, has 36 pages, 155 images, and as of this blog post has 1,643 edits. We used to have to other admins, Nilem12 and Love07818, however, they were demoted due to inactivity. We currently have 3 users, RueButtercup, AssassinHood and TheGhostMan, however TheGhostMan added spam on the Rona Nishliu page and so was given a warning and has not edited since. Nobody really edits anymore for various reasons. Redpuppy47 is on a holiday and due to be back tomorrow and Sunriseondarkenedseas because of his other wiki. We desperately need users, so this is the reason of this blog post. You will get a welcome and will get some help if you need it. Please edit on Eurovision Song Contest Wiki. Thank you for reading this!