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Hi! I'm new to fandom and this is about what I post! My name that my friends call me is Max. From the Maximum Ride series.I write fanfiction for the following.
1)  Maximum Ride- Manga/Novel series (Of course)
2) Vampire Knight- Manga/Anime
3) Diabolik Lovers- Game/Anime 
4) Rosario+Vampire- Anime
All of my postings will be in English! Like I said you can call me Max I mean, I prefer Max but, you can call me Yui. I am a tween and i love Anime and Manfs  so if you have any suggestions of manga/anime for me to watch i will watch them. (I also might write fanfiction about them!) I will leave a link to my Youtube channel at the end of every post too! I play Minecraft as well as Roblox, Runescape, and Yandere Simulater. You know, the usual.I like writing fanfiction beacause it lets you open up a new world in a (n) Anime/Manga/Game! Feel free to leave me any games, anime, manga, and questions! Cya!

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