I'm just here to vent right now...I honestly have no idea what's going on with me right now, but my head hurts and my heart feels like it's about to jump out of my chest and I'd have to chase it to get it back. I'm scared that the fact that my boyfriend might actually find someone better than me, that can give him everything he could ever ask for. I don't know what to say any more on the phone, I barely know what to say when I see him in person.  All I do is hug him, kiss him the leave. Nothing else, but that.....he buys me everything too! He has gotten me a giant unicorn, a necklace, 25pictures, a ring, he gave me his shirt and hoodie and tons of notes...all I can do is write notes back....Am I a bad girlfriend? I want to be the perfect someone for someone. I want them look at me and say that I'll be their forever and they are obsesssed with me. Or like damn that's mine. Doil does sometimes, but I know that there's someone out there that's better than me. The only person that I trust with everything is my boyfriend and my bestfriend Noah, he's good at listening. But all this time I feel like I'm a bother to him and everyone including my boyfriend and family....I need help...Any advice???? Desperate for answers and friends....

well here you go..