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November 10, 2015
  • Zambiealex

    Weird title. Yah, I know right.

    Paper is paper. It comes from trees. We make Origami or Draw on them. Believe you and me I do not want to do some Origami. But there is one paper that is not from trees, you can't use for Origami or draw on it and that is CSS. Cascading Style Sheets are long bits of codes that you can use for HyperText Markup Language, SASS, PHP and so on. I have been learning this and I am now a CSS Apprentice. I made a personal wiki and wow it is good. You have not seen the chat yet! CSS can be used to stylise your wiki. If you want beauty, CSS can do it. If you want a crazy background, CSS can do it, Nothing can't be solved without CSS and Gigantic Robots.

    If you want CSS I suggest you go straight to the Wikia Developer Wik…

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  • Zambiealex

    Before I start, I was very busy in these weeks. I was learning CSS, JS and I have been learning some German. Today I will be talking about why you should contribute to an abandoned wiki. Lets get started!

    So I have contributed to a few German wikis. I am currently trying to adopt a german wiki that was abandoned but sadly Dragon Rainbow advised me to follow the guidelines on adopting. But why should you help abandoned wikis?

    It is fun! You get to have an opportunity to help a wiki with a few friends! If an admin is not active you can simply do some refurbishment. If you add a little TONS of CSS you will make that wiki very beautiful. Just give it a try like a did on my wiki instead of requesting a staff to help you.

    You can adopt it. Just leav…

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  • Zambiealex

    Before I start explaining this topic, I am going to take a holiday from my home wiki because i was accused of...

    • Derailing Threads
    • Taunting 
    • Making Arguments

    This community that I don't want to name is just so stern and just so isolating saying that I make pointless ideas and I am still dramatic. I used to be dramatic but you all still support me? I am clearly offended. It would be nice if you all support my state because I am not feeling good but I will still make these perfect blogs because this is my favourite community. 

    Anyway, today's topic I will talk about is Your account is called your responsibility. Before I explain Responsibilities are the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. You m…

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  • Zambiealex

    Don't be these

    July 12, 2016 by Zambiealex

    Wikia is great, the users are great but there is that small element that is not good. Being these things that I am going to list is bad and will affect your image. It is not right! Anyone who reads this and acts like these know that others have suffered! Anyway, here they are...

    Only do it on Roleplay wikis but on regular ones it will show how irresponsible you are. It will affect your image and you will be trusted to just randomly break into a scene. It will show how you take in insults with a dramatic pause and break into tears with singing on the internet for no reason on a computer.

    Complaining is fine like if there is a glitch on chat but complaining about every single thing is just showing that you are just a... well I don't know? Even…

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  • Zambiealex

    The Ice Cream Wiki is an Old Wiki. Founded in 2009 but some crazy founder who spammed the Main Page, it has been a success lately but only 15 came to it and shared well know Ice Creams. It then failed. In 2013 a young chap called Chaosvoid came along and put it all in order. He added rules, Templates and stuff like that. He was good but only for that year. It was abandoned for 3 years! That is when I came along. I decided to help. I helped and helped then I just realised that there was no one there to moderate and control it. I learned that the main page is not protected. Then I saw the CCWiki Adoption Process. I joined and Wendy, Annabeth and Percy allowed me the rights. I continued and continued editing. I eventually stopped for about a …

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