Wikia is great, the users are great but there is that small element that is not good. Being these things that I am going to list is bad and will affect your image. It is not right! Anyone who reads this and acts like these know that others have suffered! Anyway, here they are...

Don't be Dramatic!

Only do it on Roleplay wikis but on regular ones it will show how irresponsible you are. It will affect your image and you will be trusted to just randomly break into a scene. It will show how you take in insults with a dramatic pause and break into tears with singing on the internet for no reason on a computer.

Don't Complain!

Complaining is fine like if there is a glitch on chat but complaining about every single thing is just showing that you are just a... well I don't know? Even complaining about a user just insulting you once and then you request for a block forever is just silly. I mean, who does that?

Don't be a Diplomat! (Ruler) (Local Staff Only)

Just because you are a B-Crat does not mean you can just simply control the whole wiki of tonnes of people. Don't make rules without discussions. It is not right! Don't promote people because they are your friends or demote the people you oppose! It is not right.

Don't be a Hypocrite!

Don't pretend to be all high and mighty! Be helpful. You are always the words of wisdom. You just don't see it.

Here is a life lesson.

You can be that person that can make that difference, just don't use these to make you better.