Before I tell you all about this, let me tell you a story that happened recently.

A user was very depressed because a User is tormenting him. Now this has been dealt with by both of the being demoted but the judgement was abominable there. People leading off topic and tormenting that user in chat. That is why I made this. I know people know how to judge but they do it without planning and consideration!

This is a saying:

Ask not what the User can do for you,' 'ask what you can do for the user.'

I am not going to say what this means but I am going to let you find out.

This is how to judge a user properly without making them upset and aggro. So listen.

Use Constructive Criticism

This is the most important one, but why. Before I say why, Constructive Criticism is when is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work and or actions of others. Your reason needs to be VALID! So you say this short thing and that short thing, Not Enough! I know I am being a bit stern or a bit maudlin but still, be zealous!


DON'T just say random things. Get evidence to back it up! People don't care if you have all the evidence, it matters as long as you don't be so random.

Don't lead Off-Topic

NEVER lead off-topic. It will show that you are there to not make the situation stop. It is like you are there to party and ignore every single thing around you.


Be fair. If one of the users getting blamed is your friend, don't protect them. Be civil! Don't finagle! You know what is right.

Well that's my blog. People, just do the right thing for once in your life.