When you talk, Chat or edit you represent your community. I think that is all...


Remember you can be that change in your home wiki. Hey, I know! Let me tell you a few tips on how to represent your community.

When a new user comes, greet them.

You can be the nice guy that everyone knows and loves. You just need to let it out. So if a new user does not know that to do, just give them a helping hand.


It is important to contribute. Helping and giving is great! It shows that you are determined to you and your community.

Give Ideas to make the community better.

It is important to give ideas and to collaborate them. It is helpful to improve the community and learn from it flaws and maybe it will end up in WAM!

Don't Bully

How would you feel when you get bullied. Don't Bully! It is not nice.

So that is are my tips. Where do you think you are going. It is gonna cost you. Oh wait. You paid with niceness.