The Ice Cream Wiki is an Old Wiki. Founded in 2009 but some crazy founder who spammed the Main Page, it has been a success lately but only 15 came to it and shared well know Ice Creams. It then failed. In 2013 a young chap called Chaosvoid came along and put it all in order. He added rules, Templates and stuff like that. He was good but only for that year. It was abandoned for 3 years! That is when I came along. I decided to help. I helped and helped then I just realised that there was no one there to moderate and control it. I learned that the main page is not protected. Then I saw the CCWiki Adoption Process. I joined and Wendy, Annabeth and Percy allowed me the rights. I continued and continued editing. I eventually stopped for about a month...

Until now.

Finish the Ice Cream and it's wiki.