Pages are Pages. They Contain of content of subjects related to the wiki but there is that small element where this word just randomly appears. "Stubs." That word appears because You don't add content, you mini vandalised it and no rollback is even bothered to Rollback it or it has not been touched for days or months. To prevent that from happening it is advised to help it by editing it.

Now Pics, I gotta say that Pics are very important to the page. It gives a better understanding to the topic. If there are no pictures but just large chunks of words it would be like a E-Book page and you don't want that to happen do you? Eg: Fallout Wiki. If there is a Strategy page on how to survive a Fallout, Pictures not only word can tell you. Make sure they are not copyrighted and are free to use. Recommeded to be CC-BY-SA. (America-Only?). If they are you are just dead.

Lets fly to videos. Videos are not really needed but something like a Walkthrough for those people who are very frustrated with game stages are needed. Youtube is a very popular and very expensive video domain and Youtubers are constantly uploading top notch videos that could actually help that page. Even that video that has not gotten a Like for the past year could actually help that page.

Templates are very important even notices. They can do many thing if you can create it. You can use it for navigations and stuff like that. Referring to the Stubs section, if you make a Stub Template it will notify that this page need Clean-Up, Improving and Expanding.

Categories are also very important. They can be also used for navigations. If users get lost which is virtually impossible, you can use them to find related stuff.

And those are all my points. The Wikia life lesson is to not just make a page but to add it. Even if it is the end of the world, Aliens Abduct you or Robots Invade the Earth just finish it!