AFOREST is a way of persuasion but why should we use it? Well because... Why not. AFOREST stands for Addressing the Audience, Facts, Opinions of Authority , Rhetorical Questions, Emotive Language, Statistics and Triples. Let go through each of them.

Addressing the Audience.

  • To be able to promote your idea you need to be eye-catching and more attracting. Why? Well because how will people be introduced to your idea? It is like Writing a Line (This Blog has been previously deleted because of a line...)


  • BACK UP your Idea with facts. Why? Well because it could be opinions that the community says. Eg: A featured page. Use Facts of why this Idea you are showing off is just so good.


  • Get quotes from local Staff of Global Staff. They know what is right, like Sannse. Let them guide you the right way, not the wrong way. Use that quote on that thread. It is not really needed.

Rhetorical Questions

  • Why do we need this? This is a question that is just so obvious like "Do you want this to happen?" (This should go last.)

Emotive Language

  • Emotive Language is when you get that emotional feeling for viewing this. You need this!


  • If you are including facts you have to include this but why? Well because it is using numbers. I know this sound like just promoting things out of wiki but come on. Why not?


  • Threes of, Rules of. Give three reasons why this is a good Idea. Oh, you think this is a question now?

Why do we need these? Oh Rhetorical Question and this is promoting something so this is AFOREST and this is Addressing. This is good, Persuasive and is just helpful. I just used Triples there. 98% of this is just me using my AFOREST technique. I just used stats. I just used facts.

I just confused myself.

Well got a fly! See you later, alligator!