As a Community Councillor, I have to contribute Ideas. It hit me. I thought of an Idea. Its called...

A Wiki Inspector!

Inspect (2)

A Wiki Inspector will oversee known wikis to see how they are doing. It's Objective is to critisize a wiki, Like a school inspector. Shows it goods and bads. They tell the wiki how to improve the ways they act. They give them Tips of how to grab the attentions of users so they could have a more Civilised community. They decide if that wiki land on these categories. 

  • Is the wiki "community friendly?": What is it and is it aimed to that subject?
  • How they deal with socks and Vandalizers?: Do they have a effecient way of dealing with socks?
  • Do they have qualified staff?: Are the Local staff viglielent and always availible to respond to problems that users have.

To request a Inspection you will need to have these requirments...

  • An Admin or B-Crat of that wiki should request it.
  • Need over 100 pages to have an Inspection.
  • The Wiki has to have more than 3 Users with User Rights.

If they get Outstanding they get to be part of the WIKI GOLDEN CLUB:

The Wiki Golden Club is a Club for outstanding wikis. They got a good inspection.




  • 5/5 Ratings
  • 100+ marks

This is a great Idea and I would like you to think about it.

Not a real User Right but to tell that wiki that it's an inspector.