Before I start explaining this topic, I am going to take a holiday from my home wiki because i was accused of...

  • Derailing Threads
  • Taunting 
  • Making Arguments

This community that I don't want to name is just so stern and just so isolating saying that I make pointless ideas and I am still dramatic. I used to be dramatic but you all still support me? I am clearly offended. It would be nice if you all support my state because I am not feeling good but I will still make these perfect blogs because this is my favourite community. 

Anyway, today's topic I will talk about is Your account is called your responsibility. Before I explain Responsibilities are the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. You may have brothers and sisters who like to cause trouble. I don't but if you have one they could easily mess up pages or say silly things in chat. I know a user who blames his brother for using his account which his brother used offensive language on other users but why I am mentioning it?


You have the responsibility of not sharing your accounts to other users including your friends. Who knows if they are going to mess it up? If you are a spammer who say that you blame someone else you are just as bad. The way of controlling your account is by not even mentioning it! Another way is by not giving it away! It is easy. It is what I called Tracks for Tricks. but what is Tracks for Tricks? 

It is just full-on giving your account away because that user knows so much and you want this to be there and that person just tricks you by vandalising your account. So don't do it!

XOLOTL, my account has been vandalised? What do I do?

Revert it of course and change your password.

Welp that is all. Thanks for reading.