Summary: There are huge clues that Death Note could continue on forever. The story could very easily be restored and renewed if the creators wanted. I have loved this Manga and Anime series since high school. There are small clues and Easter eggs in the manga. 

First and foremost I want to cover the History from the beginning, and where we are now as of 2016. Death Note as a series took place. As you have learned from reading the manga, Ryuk had dropped more than just one death note and I Quote Chapter one Boredom, Page 10: "The single notebook dropped into the human world by a shinigami... ...sets-off an all out battle between two chosen people"

If you have read death note 13, How to Read, you would know that there was a a prequel with Taro Kagami. Ryuk, who is of a low rank, loves to create mischief through out history. Quote Death Note episode 0: Shinigami pig: 'you can't get a new one unless you report to the old man.. the shinigami king. This is why you're still a C-Rank Shinigami' Ryuk: 'heh heh heh. This is my style."

So long as their is a shinigami in the shinigami world,and the king of death is capable of giving out death notes, humans are capable of reclaiming the title of Kira. 

Ryuk dropped his note, it was all for the sake of boredum. Did he take Mikami or was it Near? Ryuk would never tell. 

Rem dropped her note, it was for the sake of love. Or was it for that woman? Misa would have done anything for Light.

Gelus lost his note saving his favorite idol and love of his life. He removed evil, trash. He saved Misa from death and was a savior, he saved her life.

Sidoh lost his note, Ryuk had stole it, brothers will be brothers. The reversal was hard. Sidoh wouldn't drop his note again unless he really grew bored too. 

Armonia Justin Beyondermason, he dropped his eyes for jewels, B... oh L... what did you do?....Who? Who?

Gukku is a lazy gambeler but loves those with similar personality. He loves someone too. What a woman? With him though? Why would she, he's a slacker right? That does not matter.

Zellogi he shares the views of Ryuk and even possibly shares the idea of overthrowing the shinigami king.... but he has always, always been hidden, he was a successor of Ryuk. Senpai was a great leader. He is very bored, and so curious of the human world and existance. He wants to learn all there is to know.  Is he crazy? No all these shinigami are just ill-suited to be Kira followers. 

Copycats are not uncommon in criminals, Calikarcha, he sees everything and could be related to Nu. He does the clean up and it just might be his turn to surpass even Nu or the God of Death. Calikarcha, Nu, and the King are Kindred Spirits. These are very rare and spyful shinigami. This is a warning, they will kill you. It is not a coincidence. It is assumed there is a election, to become a king or queen, but this is only assumed. They are more likely to be lined up by strength. They all might delete you from existance quicker than you can set an election day. They are not very patient. 

Kindadara Guivelostain quote " stitches on her head, sharp teeth.. she appears to be very violent." she values her time and you better keep writing. She's one of the two strongest shinigami, Her termoil might be more overwhelming than L can interperet. What will you do... Near... You need the two and they are gone.... you need to have two....  

Nu is "known for the eyes that cover her body, supposedly only shinigami king is stronger than She" She is a fan-girl loving Kira worshipper. She was sad and cried when Light Yagami died. She is dedicated to continuing his view on the world. Special True Cards are your life, you are Kira, You are L, you are Light. It is up to you the new holders of the death note, to rid the world of evil and bring about justice and love and peace. 

The King of Death, even his name, as a rule is never to be mentioned. Although, is rightfully their leader only known to the history of the shinigami. He knows every truth of the shinigami, and is their judge, jury, and executioner. 

Reference: manga volumes 1-13 (plus my creativity) 

The L Files fall out of the 13th Volume! there are 7 stray pages,28 pages of L Files. 

Let me rescue my bretheren
Did you see me
Odd aren't they
You see my eyes
Or is that my reflection
Left understood
Are we not the ones to control our happiness and feelings?
Did i ever thing god was inside me, inside us all
But now i see
Who are you
er are are we all
er do you not?
B oh B, oh L, sorrow
revenge isn't the way
or death of a friend or foe
teach us to be loving and happy
happy with great joy
er even accept everyone with open arms
remember me
see everyone the way they want to be

L and B were Brothers