• Zayedeisa

    the crow and the cat

    February 20, 2014 by Zayedeisa

    Mrs.Frisby had faced two choices one of them was going home by crossing a forest but she knew that there are dangerous animals specially at night such as cats, owl, foxes, and weasels. Mrs.Frisby decided to take the other choice which is take aroundabout way to exceed the danger.A cat named Dragon was the only problem that Mrs.Frisby might face it. Dragon was a really huge cat. He had large mouth, needle sharp, seven claws, furry tail, and he had an orange color with white with glaring yellow eyes. Mrs.Frisby prefered to take aroundabout way. While Mrs.Frisby was walking she saw a young crow down the fence. Mrs.Frisby walked closer to the crow and she realized that the crow had tied. He was trying to get rid of the wire that made him stalkā€¦

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