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    Chengdu individual officials with alien brain wave scanners in addition to, money-making, monitoring, persecutionofothers,people including state officials, this true, stand survey, distributedfreeto abuse this instrument, the instrument has come inChengducannotcontrol thepoint. Mynameis ZhengChao Johnson, as anational civil servants inChengdu, Iwant toexpose thismatter Ihavebeen persecuted,andfurther revealed in Chengdu betweengovernment officials, corruption misdeeds whatever they want

    Brain wave scannerBaidu Encyclopedia: Brain control of weapons, Chengdu TV: The secret behind the song, theNPC criminal brain control motion,video data: thevictimsof brain control,brain control gate, the braincontrol the victim Alliance --- Netease blog

    We must pay close…

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