Why do we wonder what our government does. As if they are doing something behind our backs. Why do we question the honesty of the most powerful ignorant and corrupt people, because they have proven that they can only be trusted to a very precise and sure point. We the people can not put it past our elected officials to do what they assuredly will do and that is to abuse their power and make decisions that are ignorant towards their people. In this world where corporations define everything we do and have the power to control the people we elected to protect our civilization. If we continue to do nothing and fail to act against the forces that oppose human freedom and progression we will soon be what we started with and that is to say nothing worthy of a great planet. And now more than any other time in human history we turn on each other and fight for all the wrong reasons to gain the power we so crave to control and we become corrupt down to our roots, because human greed is endless and cannot be satisfied.