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  • I live in the tavern of the next city.
  • My occupation is a wannabe professional mercenary.
  • I am a Male.
  • Zensalin

    Greetings, Ladies and Gents!

    My humble self got this very interesting pop-up which advises me to disable my adblocker. This pop-up had me thinking for a while, as I didn't understand where it came from, because I don't use an adblocker.

    But then I remembered!
    I don't have Adobe Flash installed (and no one can blame me for that ;)), on which all the ads are based on, it seems!
    I also don't use Internet Explorer (where Flash would be included).

    So, if there's a way to make sure this pop-up only appears when someone really uses an adblocker, then I guess that would be a neat thing to implement. ;)

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