• Zhanma

    Replace your head portrait. See how iPhone changes your face!

    First of all, we shall give thanks to Dr. Lee and Dr. Ma from the algorithm team, without whom the 『Face Changing』 would be impossible.

    “變臉”毫無疑問是iphone上獨樹一幟的娛樂,目前還沒有被仿製,畢竟是有點技術門檻的了。在創意枯竭的App Store ,能夠爆發“變臉”這種創新娛樂,自我感覺是非常不易。
    “Face Changing” is undoubtedly is a kind of unique entertainment on iPhone, which has not yet been imitated, thanks to somehow a technical doorsill. In the App Store, which is short of creativeness, it is really not easy to create a kind of innovative entertainment like “Face Changing”.

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