• Dear Wikia community,this is problem that is occurred in this wikia:,our information has been taken or steal by this user on this wikia,he had been using our information to create pages which are exactly the same as the wikia: ,the user which is a founder of this wikia,it seems that he is taking all information on the new Ultras heroes on our wikia and create a similar page with similar information,this is an act of plagrisim,which is not supposed to be done.

Pages he created and stealing information from us:

Compare the pages,you will find they are exactly the same.

Appcarently,this are the pages he copied the information from us.When our wikia members and users tried to address this problem to the founder,he simply ignored us and even blocked me and say he was innocent and he is trying to push the blame away.Also,it seems that he is not guilty for his actions at all based the words/speech he used on his replies.Morever,he not only copied information from our wikia,it seems he had copied information from other sources as well and not originally to the theme of the wikia.

Any staff in the community,please look into this problem and take to resolve this issue as fast as possible or maybe ban or take down the user/founder of that wikia's,remove that wikia.If this not solved,he may continue to plagrisim our articles and perhaps other wikia's and official informations as well.Do something about this.

Our wikia has created a blog post to take about this issue,but it seems the user has not been aware of it and simply ignored it as well.Another user has stated we will try to message and confront him,he will quickly erase the messages and evidence in order not to get caught.

It seems he even protected the pages from anyone to edit or erase information.Apparently,all pages are protected so it means all information are gathered from other sources. Thanks and I hope this will get settled soon.--Zhu Huong Ng (talk) 11:08, August 22, 2016 (UTC)