I sit here thinking to myself, but with you in my heart, though you're not here beside me we're never far apart

You say you wanna leave, to a place far away, I want to leave to, but I have to stay

I pray that you won't leave me, Because you'd take my heart too

Where ever you go, my time stays with you

With out you I'm empty, like a clock with out time

The clock is still there, but the time gives it life

With each tick for a heart beat, a heart beat for me

You are like my time, you make my heart beat

Hours go by slow, alone they never go fast

Days spent with you feel like they never passed

You are my time, with out you life is slow

But when you are with me I don't know where it goes

Please stay here with me, and keep my clock ticking

Before you even know it, we'll forever be free

I know it may not seem like it, but two years will go by fast

As long as we're together, this will all be our past

So I sit here all alone, watching the minute hand creep by

You are all I need to make my clock have time

The seconds tick by, in rythym with my heart

You may not be here with me, but we're never far apart