So, there seems to be a new trend going on in certain Wikis, where people needlessly revert edits for incignificant or tiny reasons, frequently going by the logic, "If it aint broken, don't fix it" or "It was fine the way it was" sometimes not even leaving an explanation at all. I have deemed that this is harmful for Wikis, and the people using it, and I'm going to explain why. 

One important thing that needs to be remembered is that, Wikis are made to be expanded upon. It's the very reason anyone can just go and edit it (well, that's not the case on all Wikis, but for most), so If edits are being reverted simply because someone thought it was "fine" the way it was, or that if it isn't broken they shouldn't fix it, it kind of goes against that,and that would make the Wiki have a bunch of bland, mediocre, forgettable pages that nobody built upon simply because they weren't noticably broken. As improvement cannot be achieved if people always settle for something simply because it is acceptable (this may apply in different areas of someone's life, but not for Wikis where improvement is vital). Some of the best Wikis, have gotten strong from the ability to adapt, the knowledge that they can and should improve upon pages as much as they can, in order to try and make the best content. 

Another reason I believe this is hamrful is because it unmotivates people from wanting to edit. If someone worked hard on a page they were editing only to have it all reverted (sometimes without even a reason!), would that person most likely want to come back? Probably not, since it doesn't make them feel like their work is being treated that well, this is why reverting shouldn't be done for just everything, and a reason is almost always necessary. A wiki is nothing without it's users, so it's good to try and treat them right and with the proper respect. 

I'm not saying with this blog that no edits should be reverted, I think there are some that do deserve it, like Vandalism and completely irrelevant edits. That's why the button is there, for a quick way to remove these harmful edits. But not for removing people's work simply because someone can't instantly see the benefit in it, or it worked okay the way it was. That's what I'm trying to say, and everytime it is reverted the person should give a proper reason explaning why, if they need to do it on multiple pages, they can leave it on their talk page (this doesn't always apply for Vandalism). 

I just wanted to tell the community my 2-cents on this topic.