The pool of blood spread into the next room. It seemed to have a mind of it's own. It had no eyes, yet it had vision. It had no ears, yet it could hear. I kneeled down to get a better view of it. Sweet, glorious blood. Nothing could satisfy my quench more than the delicious taste of blood from a fresh victim. Indeed, the young woman was unaware of her surroundings when I swooped it and took a sensual bite out of her neck. Delicious. As I write this, my mouth drools at the thought of my next meal. The bell's vibration is like music to my ears. It's time.

Before I attack, I would prepared for my descent into the next town by carefully scouting out my next victim. The small boy traipsing through his backyard? The young couple celebrating their first anniversary? Or maybe the elderly lady struggling to make it across the street. I mean much time do you think she has left? As I continually scanned the town thoughts of tearing into Human flesh was becoming all too real, I started drooling again. It seems as if the whole neighborhood was alive.

Not for long.

- An excerpt from Count Hanzu's diary.