Free Choice/Creative Writing

The fog cast a haze over the entire city. You couldn't see more than about three feet in front of you. The streetlights were engulfed by cloudy grey, the only hint of their presence was the dimly lit spheres hovering in the air, like a ghostly presence. Leaves from nearby trees slowly descended from their home and were quickly swooped away by a gust of wind. As I stared down what seemed to be an endless road ahead, I could feel my body tense up. It felt like a dream. Like I was a ghost of my former self. As I slowly retracted back to reality, loud footsteps echoing throughout the mist. The fog was becoming denser.

I was becoming more aware.

I couldn't tell what time it was as I couldn't make out the numbers. She promised to meet me around six, but I had a feeling it was already past seven. I wandered aimlessly around, trying to navigate through the park, which seemed impossible. I stumbled over several loose branches and stones, until I managed to find a bench and carefully sat down, as to avoid an awkward incident. With my body firmly planted on the less than comfortable ivory entwined seat, my eyes began to focus on what seemed to be a shadow. The shadow moved about in what seemed to be a straight line over the horizon of my view (the fog had eased up a small bit). The shadow, which I could barely make out the features of a female (breast, long hair, hip curvature), resembled the girl I was to meet at six. I leaned closer, focused intently on my target. She just stood there, watching me as I watched her.

After several minutes of nothing happening, I lost focus on her, as she drifted away into the fog. Baffled, I stood up from the bench and walked towards the direction she was in, carefully avoiding any further hazards. An eerie presence took hold around my body, the hairs on my arms and neck slowly unfurled, until they were as straight as a small child's cowlick. Suddenly, I started choking: I was lost, afraid, and confused. Gasping for air, I immediately closed my mouth and tried to breathe through my nose which helped very little. Struggling to breathe...I ran through the gloom, trying my best to avoid what could be a fatal injury.

After several minutes of running, I was panting furiously. I thought my heart would beat right out of my chest. The fog suddenly cleared. Just like that, at the drop of a hat, the haze has been lifted from my eyes. What stood before me was the girl I was supposed to meet at six. Her long, beautiful, flowing hair, her cute pink-tinted glasses, her short but adorable stature. She was waiting for me the entire time. After several minutes of reminiscing, she turned to me with a serious expression.

In her soft and gentle voice she stated, "That was some fog, huh?"

You have no idea.