• Zyeriis

    Why am I so furious that I'd leave?

    Where to begin...

    1) They are forcing this new (horrible) look upon us and deleting Monaco (the previous skin).

    2) The Side bar is being replaced by a horizontal bar that has a maximum of 4 sections as opposed to our previously numerous sections (as many as were needed). On top of this ridiculousness, the sub-menus for those 4 sections, have no sub-sections of their own. Thus, I would not only be limited to 4 sections, I wouldn't be able to do something such as Section 1 > Sub-Section 1 > Article, it would end at Sub-Section 1.

    3) Forced width for articles. Turn on the new skin via Preferences > Skin > New Look if it hasn't been automatically enabled for you already. Then go visit this page on the FFXIV Wiki…

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