Why am I so furious that I'd leave?

Where to begin...

1) They are forcing this new (horrible) look upon us and deleting Monaco (the previous skin).

2) The Side bar is being replaced by a horizontal bar that has a maximum of 4 sections as opposed to our previously numerous sections (as many as were needed). On top of this ridiculousness, the sub-menus for those 4 sections, have no sub-sections of their own. Thus, I would not only be limited to 4 sections, I wouldn't be able to do something such as Section 1 > Sub-Section 1 > Article, it would end at Sub-Section 1.

3) Forced width for articles. Turn on the new skin via Preferences > Skin > New Look if it hasn't been automatically enabled for you already. Then go visit this page on the FFXIV Wikia to see what I am refering to.

4) Empty side spaces. You'll notice that all of the content is forced to the center of the page and that there are 2 empty columns to the right and left that could easily be used to expand the content spacing, which we cannot do.

5) The extremely large Wikia (as a whole) navigation bar that overshadows the actual navigation bar that can only have 4 options. Not only does this make your hand and eyes draw toward it, when you hover over it, a large box drops down and covers like the top 25% of the page, quite annoying.

6) The removal of "My Home". This isn't a big concern for normal users but as Admin, it makes my job a bit tougher. Yes, My Home has been redirected to the Activity Feed but the tab has been removed from the User masthead (the tabs you see on your profile, blog, talk pages, etc.) On top of this, they made the activity button extremely obscure and hard to find.

7) They're rushing it and ignoring all complaints. They had a closed beta for the new skin but it wasn't a real beta, it was more like an alpha, or in-house technical testing. They weren't interested in anyone's opinion and only wanted bug reports. They continued not listening post beta and are pushing ahead with this horrible mess called "Oasis". Things have gotten so bad, that many wikis are leaving, as I said earlier, even WoWWiki, which makes up about 1/6th of Wikia's total average visitors per day is leaving and they are still not listening to the community.

8) Banning and demoting admins. Admins that have posted that they are leaving and put a new link up on their front page are getting globally banned and/or demoted and the message removed by Wikia staff. They are claiming that doing so is vandalism and is harming the site that the message is posted on. Which is ludicrous, if the community agreed that the move was a smart one, who exactly is it hurting? The community? No, they're the ones moving. It's hurting Wikia, who's being completely unreasonable, and so are they lashing out rather than compromising.

9) Special Treatment. WoWWiki, in their discussions about leaving were interupted by an attempt at bribery by the Wikia Staff. Not a monetary bribe but a content space bribe. They were to recieve special treatment in the form of wider content space in the new look under the reasoning that...

"The majority of users on wowwiki use a larger monitor size than the rest of Wikia, so we are testing out using a larger content space there. They also have a higher percentage of large tables and templates. So to adjust the new look to look its best there, we have switched them over to a larger content space. As we have mentioned, through this entire process we will be continuing to assess the choices we have made, and make tweaks as needed" -Sarah Manley October 20th, 2010

Replace wowwiki with any other gaming Wikia and the first sentence would still be true. So why then are they getting special treatment? Favoritism is ugly and wrong. Maybe I should just make 80,000 content articles and then I'll get special treatment since I'll be providing them with the most revenue via ad space. Greed is a sin, even if you aren't religious (id go so far as to say its even sinful to an atheist).

I'm going to stop there, not because I'm out of points but because I don't feel like I need to go further to connect them.

This is not counting the crazy conspiracy theories such as Wikia making a deal with facebook. Why didn't I cover those? I picked facts/arguments that the Wikia Staff can't seem to answer nor respond in any way to.

From my perspective it's as though they are yelling: "Lalalalala! Can't hear you!" as they toil away on this miserable excuse for a modern layout. Modern? You mean new? Newer isn't always better, thus is the folly of failed rebellions and abortive revolutions. Their key ideas, while new and different, went astray and toppled them. A good example of this is the GMD (Guomindang) during the Nanjing Decade in 1927-1937 China.

Eh, I went slightly off-track with that last paragraph. If you feel that I missed an important point please, let me know and I shall correct it. I am unsure if Wikia would be so foolish as to remove this blog as it pertains to what I believe to be informative, even if it is negatively about Wikia to begin with, I still fall within my rights to say what I have to say. --Zyeriis 02:52, October 22, 2010 (UTC)