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The Four Commandments

  • Reports of vandalism or spam are best directed at the VSTF wiki or #wikia-vstf than the walls of individual group members.
  • If you are here to complain about a block I placed, please provide me with the block ID and description.
  • Please send bug reports here.
  • The VSTF is not in a position to address social issues. If you have such a problem with another user, please try to sort it out with a local admin, or use Special:Contact/general.


  • Vandalizmus vagy spam jelentésére az egyes tagok üzenőfalánál alkalmasabb felületet találhatsz a VSTF csoport wikijén, vagy az #wikia-vstf IRC-csatornában.
  • Amennyiben felhasználódat, IP-címedet vagy szerkesztésedet érintő, általam elhelyezett tiltásról szeretnél panaszkodni, kérlek, add meg e tiltás azonosítószámát és a részletes üzenetet.
  • Hibajelentéseket ide küldj.
  • A VSTF nincs abban a helyzetben, hogy lépéseket tegyen szociális problémák esetében. Amennyiben ilyen esetben szorulsz segítségre, kérlek, lépj kapcsolatba egy helyi adminisztrátorral vagy használd a Special:Contact/general-t.
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  • Hello TK-999,

    My name is Dakota, I am hopefully a future VSTF member. I belong to many Wikis on the Wikia website, one of which being the Minecraft Pocket Edition wiki. I was looking through the user list, and I found your name. Not only did I see that you were a VSTF member, but I also noticed the abbreviation of "voldev." I am just curious as to what that means, and I do not have anything to address of priority right now. Do not make this message a priority if you have other tasks.

    Thanks for any response!
    JustAnIng (talk|contribs)

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  • Why am I indefinitely banned from chat? I'm not a sockpuppet!

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  • Hello Can You Please Make Me An Admin On The iCarly Wiki please? I Would Apreactiate It :)

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  • Hey! I know how to make snow automatically fall on my wiki, but I was wondering if I make it have different things, like instead of snow, it'll rain, or golden leaves or cherry blossom petals will fall down and float... and so on? Or maybe just make it have a storm/lightning/etc... And how do you make each page have a different thing falling down (if possible)?

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  • Hi,TK. I hope you´re fine and also that you remember me, David, administrator of Comic Crossroads. I am gratefully that you helped me solve the problem of Deadpool the merc and his sock, Super Sintex but there is a high probability deadpool might have created other accounts and use them as sock account by a different IP adress. 

    Yesterday, I was on chat with my other account with Imperial WyrmTobi 7900Techno Bacon, Tekken LSSJ, FrenchTouch and also another with another admin named Ronin. He and I both left chat and left those users talking. Here is what happened next, They all began fightning and insulting each other, until Imperial Wyrm, Tobi 7900 and Techno Bacon told French that Tekken (whose user page is on the link I gave you) was one of Deadpool´s sock account and apparently they also told him, he has more accounts. This recent behaviour is very common for Deadpool the merc and apparently Tekken also stalked those three users just like deadpool did. In his personality and language I do see Deadpool and they visit and have accounts in the same wikis, but that is not enought to block him. I really need a definitive piece of evidence as error is in human nature and blocking by these is not enough. Is there no way for you, staff to check if he is Deadpool´s sock even if his IP adress is different? He is currently blocked on chat for his deeds but if he proves to be Deadpool a higher power makes take place. I could block him there but to what purpose? He could simply create more accounts or continue to do it in other wikis. This is the first time Deadpool created a second account on Comic Crossroads and but it is the fourth or third he does this on other wikis. Deadpool is a dangerous vandalizer and abuser of people in chat, having multiple socks and even blackmailing persons to gain their password for more accounts. Is there no way to simply block him, all of his present and future socks or anything else that I or you can do to stop him not only from creating other socks and abusing of people on Comic Crossroads but in every wiki he is in, he has even spread his stupidity to here along with many other wikis. I seek the means to permanently block him and also the means to find, block and neutralize all of his present and future accounts. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

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  • Hi, TK, a while ago you helped me with installing Debian OS, but then I ran into a problem with wifi, you sort of pointed me in the right direction about solving this, but I gave up and decided that I would eventually just install Windows 8 over debian and start fresh. However, like per usual, I have not done what I proposed I would do and recently started to try and get wifi working in debian.

    I went back over the thread we had a while ago, 2013, and followed the instructions. I ran lspci which returned a lot of stuff, as you sugested, I looked for the bit which related to Network Controller which was;

    14:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter (rev 01)

    Then, as you suggested I ran;

    get && tar xvzf firmware.tar.gz && cd firmware && ls

    Which in turn, returned;


    I've put the one that relates to me in bold. With that, I entered;

    dpkg -i firmware-realtek_0.36+wheezy.1_all.deb

    Then it did some reading database untill it got to 70% then returned;

    Selecting previously unselected package firmware-realtek.
     dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:
     reading files list for package 'netpbm': Input/output error

    Have you got any idea where I should go from here? I know this might be asking much, and you don't need to help, but I'd appreciate it if you would, seeing you know about debian. Even if you decide not to help, could you leave a comment or something, telling me that you don't want to help, so I am not waiting for a reply that isn't coming. Thanks.

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  • Szia!

    Bocsi, most magyarul írok, angolul kicsit bonyolult. :) Az lenne a kérdés, hogy a wikián be lehet-e állítani olyat, mint a Wikipédián, hogy a szerkesztéseket valaki ellenőrzi, mielőtt kikerülnek.

    Remélem nem zavarlak. Shika választ ide 21:27, May 17, 2014 (UTC)

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  • DeathThreats by TruthRenegade
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  • Hello Tk. You may remember me from the Animal Jam Wiki-Warriors Wiki concern. I am here regarding an issue between a few users on the AJWiki and Beiberpedia. A user on my wiki linked the Beiberpedia chat on chat. I clicked on it and saw them cursing-repeatedly. I have a screenshot of some things I saw. 

    Beiberpedia Spam

    OoMango was recently blocked on our wiki. I have no idea how she tracked her self proclaimed enemy, Micha123(TheZouraGirl).

    This user was the one who linked beiberpedia on chat. I banned Micha123 indefinitely until we talk amongst ourselves as a wiki and you get back in contact with us. Thank you

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  • Hello, like your profile page, but who's the person in you icon

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