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Wikia, the Social Universe For Fans, By Fans, operates the world's largest network of collaboratively published content on the web through a trusted and customizable platform designed to help people share what they know and love.

Our knowledgeable and devoted users have created over 300,000 wikias spanning an impressive array of subjects, including virtually all aspects of popular culture: from video games, TV and movies, to books, sports, food, fashion, and current events. Hundreds of new communities start every day on Wikia. Best of all, anyone can create one—including you!

What Wikia Offers

There are a number of reasons why choosing Wikia to build your content and develop your community is far superior to trying to build and host it yourself or using a competing offering.

  • World's Best Collaborative Platform. Here at Wikia, we work towards constant improvement and growth of our site and services, with a dedicated Product Team working on the cutting edge of the user experience. With Chat, Message Wall, Forum, and more, Wikia gives you features and tools to manage your content and community that you wouldn't be able to put together by yourself or by running MediaWiki on another host.
  • World Class Mobile Apps. Beyond the web, Wikia has developed a number of world class mobile apps—My Wikia and Game Guides—that enable the great content you and your community create to be experienced through smartphone and tablet-optimized user experiences. This enables on-the-go access to your content and also brings in new users who discover your content through Wikia's mobile apps.
  • Traffic. We utilize the best web technologies to enhance your wikia's search rankings, visibility, and growth. If you work with us, we can drive your wikia to the top of search engine results, which will in turn vastly increase traffic and users to your wikia.
  • Community Development and Support. Our users are the lifeblood of Wikia, and we work to support them in creating amazing wikia communities. To do this, we have a dedicated Community Support Team to help communities succeed using technical support, webinars, training, direct user support, and more. We also have a dedicated Community Development Team that provides design, content, and formatting support for our communities. Our volunteer groups, made up of highly experienced Wikia users, help with things like spam and vandalism clean-up as well as learning how to be an admin.
  • Market Leadership. When you choose Wikia, you become part of the largest group of fans on the internet; we collaborate with over 300,000 fan communities and over 70 million monthly users who have created almost 30 million pages of content. We are the leader in games with the #1 game site in the world, as well as the fastest growing entertainment destination for movies, TV and books.  
  • Connecting Brands and Fans. Wikia partners with most of the world's top gaming and entertainment companies, which provides unparalleled access to exclusive content, developers, talent, and industry leaders. Some of our partnerships include the PlanetSide 2 Wiki with Sony Online Entertainment, and the Trek Initiative with Roddenberry Entertainment. This brand/fan collaboration can help accelerate the momentum in your community and give you the ability to build even greater content.
  • Trust. We are an Open Source Code site, and Wikia sites are created using the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. We frequently post company blogs about what we are working on, including weekly technical updates about bugs so you know what may affect your community.

Do you have any additional questions? Please check out our help pages or contact a member of the Wikia Community Support Staff.

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