Terms of use
Wiki Creation

FANDOM is not:

a place to advertise another website
FANDOM is to be used for community editing, not just to put up links to another website. Non-official advertising is not permitted.
a Wikimedia project
Despite both being founded by Jimmy Wales, Wikia, Inc. and Wikimedia are separate organizations. See Wikimedia's press release for details on the relationships between the two.
FANDOM is not Wikipedia and we aim to not duplicate Wikimedia projects. Although Wikia shares some of Wikipedia's goals, the two are not "sister projects" since FANDOM is not a Wikimedia project (as explained above).
a link farm
Wikis on FANDOM should contain actual content, not just be a link repository pointing to other sites.
a dating service
FANDOM should not be used as a site to look for women to online date, and communities should not have the aim of creating a publicly editable dating website.